Baby Stepping Toward Permanent Weight Loss

29 Sep 2018 10:07

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Baby Stepping Toward Permanent Weight Loss
You can start to lose weight fast naturally, by taking one step at a time. As Bill Murray would say - Baby steps, Marie. It's a piece of cake with baby steps. (If you haven't seen What About Bob? Go watch it, and thank me later) Here are some ways of baby stepping to permanent weight loss.
1. Keep it natural
Often it's not the food we eat, but enhancers we add to it. So, become aware! When you find yourself reaching for butter, cream, mayonnaise, dressings, sauces, extra sugar, etc. - begin to apply a new, leaner mindset, and start to cut back on those things that add unnecessary calories. You can still have tasty food with lower-fat or sugar substitutes. Isn't that an easy baby step to lose weight?
2. You don't need a straight-jacket
Self control is not the key ingredient in your development of this new mindset - and thankfully so since very few of us are good at self-denial. Implementing changes has more to do with creating new, healthier habits, than with forcing ourselves to act in a certain fashion. Do some reading on developing new habits. Meantime try to have a food alternative for those moments of weakness.
3. Right rewards
Some things we've done all our lives in the same manner we became used to doing them, don't easily show on our radar of thing we need to change, precisely because they're habitual. And all it may take is for someone to show us the alternative, to have an Aha! moment. Such is the case with the way we reward or de-stress ourselves.
Find alternates to food. We may be using eating as a relief valve; but spend time figuring out what else gives you pleasure and make a list - even a wish list. Now when you have any success to celebrate you'll be ready to do it differently and enjoyably without eating!
4. Preparation
Know where your reinforcements are kept and don't hesitate to go there when weak. Healthy items to stock include nuts, and raisins, butter-free popcorn, whole wheat thins, sugar-free jell-o, dried fruit, and yes! even pure dark chocolate! Supplementing your stash with veggies and fruits is a given but other less considered items are humus, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat cottage cheese.
5. Beware of butter!
Don't like veggies? try to find their better side. Some ways you may find them appealing are saut?´┐Żed, grilled (delicious), blanched, or steamed. No need to smother them in butter. Low salt chicken stock is a tasty alternative and much less fattening.
6. Heard of juicing?
Overeating is rooted in nutrient deficiencies. Juicing can give you all the nutrients you need plus good energy levels. All while losing weight fast, naturally.
It's also a way to get your recommended fruit and vegetable daily portions, even if you don't enjoy eating veggies. Juicing helps lessen cravings for sweets, and is filling enough to help you eat less. Drink a glass about 20 minutes before your meal for best results.
7. Be hard on you
Add extra fat-burning steps to your day. Park further from work to make yourself walk farther. Discover that stairs are your friend in this battle; use them when needed and also during breaks for added exercise. Go walk during lunch. Losing weight will be easier when burning calories is the aim, rather than starving.
8. Fantasy wardrobe
Clothing with elastic

waistband and spandex elements only help you fool yourself. Throw them out and decide to not move up to a bigger size!
9. Exercise
Baby step your way into an exercise routine, specially if you haven't been doing any physical training. Start out by walking 15 minutes daily and add 2 to 5 min weekly to reach 45 min. Add cardio as soon as able, and strength training with weights for a well-rounded program.
10. Stay balanced
Keep your focus but don't be fanatical. Allow yourself to enjoy the things you love, only not as frequently and in smaller portions. Smaller portions in general is good. Remember your family is not on a diet, don't push it on them. Allow for sharing good times, good food and good company, with modifications. Baby step into new habits.

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